New ways to play on SalsaDAO!

Hello friends, I’d like to begin with the latest on SpicySwap. We’ve locked in a deal on the code review, and now the next step is to wait for it to be completed. We’ll release more updates as we approach SpicySwap mainnet.

This week at GC, we’ve found some time to drop a Bonus Update, since we have some time before the SpicySwap release. On the SalsaDAO website you’ll find a new application, the SalsaDAO Gaming Hall. …

We’re gearing up for mainnet release!

Hello friends, here at Genius Contracts we’re officially back in the lab. We’d like to present the final SpicySwap development update before mainnet.

We’re happy to announce that an agreement has been reached with a Tezos-focused development company for the SpicySwap audit, with the code review to be started as soon as possible. This is the final step that is needed to set a mainnet date. We will be releasing SpicySwap on mainnet in the first week of October, with the complete audit report and incentive farms.

The journey to mainnet is almost complete…

The much-anticipated release has arrived!

Ready to test? Try SpicySwap at

Hello friends, today at Genius Contracts we’re rolling out the full SpicySwap Beta. I thought a FounderJabba article would be a nice way to commemorate the release and wrap up our latest development cycle. In this article I’ll be giving the latest SpicySwap development update, announcing the next plans for SalsaDAO, and detailing our next DeFi product: Matter DeFi.

SpicySwap Beta

On behalf of Genius Contracts, I’d like to formally announce the release of the full SpicySwap Beta. This is a major milestone for us, and I’m very proud of the work that’s been done over the…

Build. Drop. Repeat. Build. Drop. Repeat.

SpicySwap Liquidity Token

Hi friends, we’ve been building out major additions to SpicySwap over the past two weeks. To begin, we have an exciting update to the SpicySwap Alpha releasing today. Read more to find the run-down of this weekend’s drop, and visit SpicySwap. Additionally, we’d like to unveil our Wrapped Tez (WTZ) system that will be heavily integrated into SpicySwap as an anchor token. Lets jump in.

SpicySwap Alpha

Custom Pool Deployments

This is the biggest feature yet on SpicySwap. We’ve successfully implemented custom token functionality, which is a major milestone for the development of a DEX. On the SpicySwap UI…

We’re demolishing milestones here at Genius Contracts!

If you missed the last update on SpicySwap, you can find it here.

We’re excited to release the official SpicySwap Alpha to the world! Come check out the completely rewritten UI, and help give feedback so we can keep improving. Check out the SpicySwap Alpha at

Our goal is to be the best DEX on Tezos for users and for builders, and we’ve made a couple changes to meet this goal. Read on for a summary of the SpicySwap Alpha and recent changes to SpicySwap.

SpicySwap Alpha

We’ve successfully pushed the SpicySwap Alpha to…

We’re fully focused on SpicySwap at Genius Contracts!

If you missed the deep dive on SpicySwap, you can find it here.

Hello friends, it has been a few weeks since the Spice Token pre-sale wrapped up, so it’s a good time for a short development update.

In the previous FounderJabba series article, the target was set at 6–8 weeks to get the following done: Roulette, Slots, indexer upgrade, batch functionality, general speed improvements, and SpicySwap Granada deployment. We’ve finished the vast majority of these goals in about 3 weeks. …

Roulette and Slots added to the SalsaDAO Ecosystem!

sCAS-Roulette Shares

We’d like to officially introduce the 3rd Summer Update. The aim of this release is to help develop SalsaDAO Gaming by field-testing new games across the ecosystem. We’re releasing Roulette in the sCasino on right next to the classic sCasino Dice, and in the TacoShop we’re releasing two flavors of Slots to play, using $RSAL or $wTaco. Details below.


First piece of important info, Roulette is $GSAL-Exclusive for this initial release. Going forward the convention will be to field-test new games using $GSAL. …

This is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Hello friends, first I would like to say thank you for supporting the pre-sale and successfully bootstrapping funds for the development of SpicySwap! The pre-sale is still ongoing, so you still have the chance to purchase $SPI on SalsaDAO.

If you missed the article on SpicySwap, you can find it here.

Following the success of the pre-sale, you all have earned a little bit of spicy doxx, straight from the source. Let’s get started.


If you’ve seen the pace of the work that I’ve been releasing on mainnet over the past few…

Welcome to the newest AMM decentralized exchange, built on Tezos

Hello friends, we’re exited to fully unveil our upcoming Tezos-native AMM DEX, named SpicySwap. Our new automated DEX is inspired by the Uniswap V2 general framework, but the base contract has been rewritten from the ground up to be compatible with Tezos’ smart contract language Michelson. The basic features of this DEX will be token-token swaps between arbitrary FA2 tokens, and the ability to provide liquidity in arbitrary swap pools. We’ve released a SpicySwap playground for initial testing of the base swap contracts (requires Florencenet wallet). …

Introducing the Omni-Bankroll, house edge permits and more!

Hello friends and Geniuses, I’m very excited to share this latest release with everyone. Genius Contracts would like to introduce the new and upgraded sCasino*, which adds the Omni-Bankroll.


This is the killer feature in the release of sCasino*, the Omni-Bankroll allows any user to bet any FA2-compliant token in the casino. Feel free to add a new token to your UI, similar to Quipuswap. Each currency has its own separate bankroll, and sCasino* Bankroll Token so everything is organized by the smart contract. This means your utility coins, stable coins, wrapped…

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