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6 min readJul 18, 2022


The rollout of begins with a Founder Note!

All Roads.

Hello Geniuses, over the last few weeks we’ve been in the lab making big decisions on the direction of Genius Contracts. I wanted to start the rollout of our upcoming major effort,, with a Founder Note.

Today marks the release of the official litepaper for, which contains all the juicy details about our plans. The litepaper is a bit technical so I wanted to add a personal article providing some context.


The first major goal of the new is to address longstanding community feedback around the organization of the SalsaDAO ecosystem. It is no secret that in the first year of SalsaDAO, I prioritized the building of contracts, indexers, and infrastructure over developing performant web interfaces. This was by design, crypto moves fast and the ecosystem needed a strong base layer to be self-sufficient. At this stage, the base layer is complete and it’s time to unify and uplift the front-facing parts of SalsaDAO. will be the unification of all of our tools and features under one interface. You no longer have to hop from page to page to access all of SalsaDAO. The new interface will also undergo a professional design review so that we can deliver a friction-free experience for users. Since our base layer is now complete, we can fully focus on UX and show our community what we’re capable of.

We will also be expanding GC by contracting external developers to help handle our web layer. is the new home of everything Genius Contracts moving forward. No more new sites or random places to go, everything gets added here.

New Technologies gives us a chance to upgrade our web layer and add new performant technologies. To this end, will be built using the latest HTML5 rendering libraries and Websocket connections to our servers. This will give SalsaDAO a snappy and captivating feel that will provide a true gaming experience for users. First and foremost, we want to build a good game. Good games require good tech.

One other major focus for us is integrating Smart Contract Rollups into new projects. We are going to build a custom Smart Kernel for SalsaDAO that will run the whole game.

Read the litepaper for examples of new rollup-based DApps.

Developing rollup-based DApps will truly set SalsaDAO apart from the rest. We will be able to provide quick, snappy, and decentralized access to actions via L2 interactions.

The Game

As I mentioned before, my goal for this is to simply build a good game. What we’re creating is a Stardew/Runescape style experience combined with the power of GC blockchain utilities. We have a bunch of ideas for in-game lore & quests, based on the actual history of SalsaDAO.

The main game mechanic is the Land System, where you will be able to buy and own land inside of SalsaDAO. Connecting to our new interface will drop a user in the SalsaDAO Lands.

This is not a new concept, but we will be turbocharging landowner benefits.

With a piece of land, you will be able to do things like set up your own NFT gallery/marketplace, host casino games, create private spaces, and much more. You can also use land to boost rewards and unlock more content and features. Read the litepaper for more technical details about game mechanics. is designed to maintain value inside the game, rather than allow heavy extraction. To this end, in-game resources and progression have restrictions to incentivize keeping value inside of SalsaDAO.

We will be pivoting away from unsustainable ideas like allowing resources to be traded & farmed in DEX pools, as they harm all players of the game. The core game will use a managed ticket-based system where users will mainly interact with in-game markets.

Read the litepaper to learn about how value flows in and out of the game.

Game Access

All current and previous SalsaDAO users will benefit from the interface upgrades for the DAO, Gaming Hall, SpicySwap, and Matter DeFi. There will be no restrictions for using our existing DApps in the new SalsaDAO.

For new rollup-based DApps and games, a SalsaID will be required to access our cutting-edge tech. We are using this pseudo-subscription model to help us cover the costs of maintaining our growing infrastructure costs.

This will be Genius Contracts’ main revenue stream, so that we don’t have to do new token sales or ICOs to fund operations. As an added benefit, using the SalsaID system incentivizes users to only use one address to play the game.

SalsaID will be required to progress in the game, access the Land System, and play rollup-based DApps. Users without SalsaID can still log into and explore existing DApps and take a view-only tour of the SalsaDAO Lands.

Read the litepaper for a detailed breakdown of our proposed progression system.

Land Sale

Upon game release, there will not be a mad dash to claim land. All users will start as “New Players” and will have to spend 4–6 months of time in-game to be eligible to purchase land. There will be 10,000 plots in total.

To provide a head start, we will be offering two ways to obtain plots of land: Free Land Vouchers and the Land Sale.

We want to show some good faith to those that have been supporting us over the past year and a half of our journey, so we’re going to be pretty lenient with the Land Vouchers. I first want to give a bunch of free land to the SalsaOGs, then we’re going to make a working group of OGs to distribute around 200 Vouchers to those who have been around for the journey.

This will provide a good start for our members, OG or otherwise.

We are marking 25% of all land as reserved for GC. This is where we’ll host our classic and rollup DApps going forward. Another 25% of land will be reserved for Land Vouchers and Land Sale, and the rest will be reserved for the start of the game.

Key + Crate = Coin

Access to the Land Sale will require either a Coin or Crown NFT, which are obtained via fusion of a Key & Crate. Minting a Crown will give you a free Land Voucher automatically, but the number of Crowns is capped at 153 (the amount of Unique Matter Atoms).

Adding the ~200 free plots with the 150 from Crowns gives us a total of ~400 Land Vouchers, meaning there are ~2000 plots left. Around half of these available plots will be open for purchase in the Land Sale. If the Land Sale hits its cap, we will switch to an auction system for the remaining available plots.

The sale will be simple: one plot for a flat fee paid in XTZ. I’m OK with relaxing restrictions (like batch protection) on the Land Sale because everyone who has supported us in some way over the past year will obtain at least 1 free plot of land through Vouchers.

Purchasing land means making a commitment to play the game upon release in exchange for a head start. I thought I’d just state that clearly.

Thank you for reading my note. If you are intrigued, check out our litepaper. I’m feeling the fire start to burn and I’m very excited to start building this out.

This is just the beginning of the rollout: we will be updating the page, releasing a hype video, and starting Land Voucher giveaways soon.

The Keys & Crates sale will start this week.

All roads lead to SalsaDAO.

- Arri