GC Deep Dive — NFTs Upgrade

Genius Contracts
6 min readJun 9, 2022

Marketplace is LIVE on SalsaDAO!

Welcome to our follow-up on the recent NFT upgrades on SalsaDAO. We immediately went back in the lab, and we have some new tools to share with everyone.

We’re truly back in the NFT game, read more to learn about the new explorer, marketplace, and royalty staking! 🧠

Explorer Upgrades

We’ve combined My NFTs and Explore All into one unified NFT browser.

Tap or click the Owned switch to view your items!

Our API has also been updated to add new filtering and sorting options.

This update includes various optimizations, and makes sure that filter & sort choices are saved for when you return.

Use the Quick Switch button to display a menu of shortcuts to tools & guides!

For owned items, there are new actions to be aware of!

Left to right: Transfer, Equip, Royalty Staking, Marketplace

Also, take note of the 22 SP box. All SalsaDAO NFTs have an SP amount that is used in Royalty Staking. We will be diving deeper into Royalty Staking later in this article.

Lastly, you may click or tap the NFT image to open a detailed view, where offers and asks can be managed.

Tap the NFT for info!

This will also show a larger render of your NFT. We will be discussing the Marketplace integration in the next section 🧠

Marketplace Integration

We are excited to show the Tezos ecosystem our new marketplace!

In one of the largest cross-project integrations to date on Tezos, we’ve successfully implemented Objkt.com core marketplace contract and API on SalsaDAO.

Integration and collaboration with projects around the Tezos ecosystem is a key mission for Genius Contracts and SalsaDAO, and we see this as a big step in the right direction.

Tap or click any NFT on SalsaDAO to pop open the Marketplace screen. This works for MTTR Atoms, all Taco versions, and PermaTacos. From the Marketplace window, users can make an offer in XTZ to purchase the NFT.

Tap or click any NFT to open the Marketplace!

These offers work exactly the same as on Objkt, and the XTZ is routed to the same Objkt Marketplace V2 contract that Objkt uses.

If the NFT has been listed, users can immediately purchase the NFT for the listed price.

For NFT owners, tap or click any owned NFT to open the owner’s view. Owners can list their NFT for any desired price using this window.

The owner’s view.

Listing works the same as Asks on Objkt. Permissions will be updated to allow the Objkt Marketplace V2 contract to transfer the NFT directly from seller to buyer. Any user who has enough XTZ can accept the listing and buy the NFT.

Once listed, the listing can be cancelled or relisted for a different price.

On the new Explore interface, the listing price and highest offer will be displayed directly on the NFT card.

Listed @ 25xtz, Highest Offer = 1xtz

We will be releasing longer step-by-step guides in the coming days. Thanks for your patience and try it out on SalsaDAO 🧠

Royalty Staking

Royalty Staking Interface

Royalty Staking is our new flagship feature for all SalsaDAO NFTs, which will provide long term utility for SalsaDAO Universe NFTs. Use the Quick Switch menu or NFT tab to find the new interface!

With Royalty Staking, users can stake SalsaDAO NFTs to earn royalties from each sale on the new Marketplace. The Marketplace has a standard 5% royalty fee taken on each fulfilled listing or offer.

One of GC’s missions is to continually share profits with the SalsaDAO community, and to this end all royalties earned are split 50/50 between GC and Royalty Staking.

This means that 2.5% of every sale is routed back to those who support GC & SalsaDAO. This is long term utility that only gets better as we expand the SalsaDAO Universe.

Rewards received!

Rewards can be claimed at any time by using the claim button on your account overview.

Staking Power (SP)

Left to right: Transfer, Equip, Royalty Staking, Marketplace

Staking Power (SP) is displayed in the bottom-left of every NFT card. The SP system allows certain NFTs to be worth more when used in Royalty Staking.

There are 2 SP boosts to be aware of: Collection Boost, and Rarity Boost.

Collection Boost is applied equally to all NFTs in a certain collection. For example, every MTTR Atom has an collection boost of 1.1x. Further SalsaDAO Universe items will have bigger collection boosts to incentivize growth.

Rarity Boost is applied based on the rarity of the item. We set these to match the XTZ value of the NFT in question, with Relics as an exception.

Current Rarity Boost Table

When using Royalty Staking, the SP values of all NFTs staked will contribute to your Total Personal SP. This amount will then be divided by the Total Overall SP in the contract to calculate your share of incoming royalties.

The SP system is new, but otherwise this staking architecture is very similar to regular token staking that many know and love.

Due to the high risk of manipulation with TzTacosV1–3, their SP has been decreased to low levels. Tacos were fun, but their time has passed and we want to focus on items that use V2 Dynamic NFT architecture.

PermaTacos are all Relic rarity with 20x boosts.

Royalty Slot System

When staking and unstaking your SalsaDAO NFTs in Royalty Staking, you will encounter the Slot System.

At launch, users have 10 slots that NFTs can be staked in. We may expand this number in the future, but for now users can choose up to 10 of their NFTs.

To open the royalty staking window, tap the ($) button on your NFT.


Then click or tap any slot to choose, verify your NFT, and execute the transaction. We recommend using the Cart system to fill up all slots in one batch transaction.

Click or tap the Royalty Staking button on any owned NFT!

Your staked NFT will now show up in the main Royalty Staking interface, and your Total Personal SP will be increased.

Click or tap any staked NFT to remove and transfer the NFT back to your wallet.

Simply tap an NFT to remove.

That’s it on Royalty Staking, we hope you enjoy the rewards 🧠

The deep dive is now complete. With this many new features added, we will be creating separate guides for the Marketplace and Royalty Staking. Look forward to those coming within a few days.

New to SalsaDAO? Come hang out and chat with the Geniuses about the new tech on Discord.

What’s next for GC? Our next priority will be dropping the new Giveaway Contest contracts that we have freshly cooked up. Users will soon have a chance to win Relic-tier items and other drops!

Remember: MTTR Atom Unique buyers will get free giveaway pass airdrops. If you didn’t buy, you’ll have to spend sDAO to enter.

As always, thanks for your support 🧠