GC Development Update — SpicySwap

Core Contracts

Recently, SpicySwap has been redeployed on Granadanet to test gas savings. Gas costs for all contract actions are down 70-80%, making Granada a necessity for the release of SpicySwap. Further optimizations will be implemented closer to release, taking gas costs down even more. Additionally, the TWAP price oracle has been implemented base swap contract.

  • Swap Exact A for B
  • Swap Exact B for A
  • Swap A for Exact B
  • Swap B for Exact A
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity


Over the past few weeks we’ve been testing our new DipDup powered indexers with great success. The next step is to containerize and deploy the indexers to our cloud infrastructure for high-availability and better monitoring. This will be important for the stability and scalability of SpicySwap and all SalsaDAO-affiliated applications.


On release, we aim to have a full-featured API and statistics page. The API is not under development yet, but the timeline has been moved up. Once the core contracts and infrastructure are up, we can start designing custom indexers to show analytics on swapping, liquidity providing, and Spice farming.


The SpicySwap UI is extremely important to the success of our DEX. We’ve engaged a UI designer to help us create a great swapping experience for SpicySwap. The plan is to implement a sample UI during the Alpha release and request community feedback. During the Beta release, the full user interface will be unveiled.

Testing Game

We will be providing incentive to help test SpicySwap in the form of an arbitrage game. The reward will be a bonus farm that rewards $sDAO. The aim of the game will be to keep the pools as close to real-life prices as possible.


The next two milestones are the SpicySwap Alpha and Beta. List of targeted features below:


  • Router + Spice Farming
  • Sample Analytics
  • Sample UI
  • Testing Game Begins


  • Deployer + All Core Contracts
  • Full Analytics + API
  • Cloud Migration Complete
  • Full UI Interface
  • Flash Swaps Enabled



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