GC Drop — The GameHub

4 min readJan 5, 2024


From Vegas, with love.

Hello Geniuses! We hope you enjoyed your holiday season. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a very Merry Shipmas! During Shipmas we’ve celebrated the Tezos community by shipping ArtDEX Earn, ArtDEX Auctions, Liquify, new features on SpicyHD, infrastructure updates, and more!

The best part? Shipmas isn’t over.

We’re proud to announce that a new casino is coming your way! Read on for all the details.

The Inspiration

We’ve wanted to re-open the SalsaDAO Gaming Hall for some time. After a recent team trip to an AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, we were inspired by the bright lights of Vegas to rebuild our gaming hall from the ground up.

Our goal is to bring Vegas to Tezos with a fresh new UI and new incentive structures.

Under New Management

Tezos Cartel x Genius Contracts

With the rebuild, we needed a rebrand. In 2023, we started a general partnership with the Tezos Cartel team to support their project from the technology side.

The GC team agreed that the Tezos Cartel brand would be a perfect home for the new casino. We’ve already launched their CartelID membership NFTs on ArtDEX, and we are assisting with the upcoming PFPHaus project, slated for early 2024 release.

We’re happy to announce this expansion of our partnership, with Tezos Cartel becoming the new operations team for the rebuilt casino. The new casino will sit on the Tezos Cartel HQ website, and the TC team will be responsible for support, casino challenge events, and player rewards.

The GameHub

While the TC team will be managing operations, GC is still developing the new smart contracts and SDK, as part of the SalsaDAO GameHub protocol. The GameHub is an update to the previous Gaming Hall contract, so users can be assured our battle-tested core features still stand strong.

Let’s review what’s new.

Global GP

Previously, we tracked GP per currency and paid out players according to their amount of GP in each currency. This incentive structure was too tilted to early players, who could get cheap GP early and farm fees without playing anymore.

We’ve changed GP to be a single global value per address, and you’ll only get global GP when you play with certain currencies. Going further, there will be no more automatic payouts for simply having GP.

Player Incentives

With GP payouts deprecated, we are launching new player incentives that are more aligned with the casino experience. The Tezos Cartel team will be in charge of distributing recurring airdrops to our most loyal players, in addition to running events like short-term GP Weekend contests.

We will also be adding new negative house-edge games, where the user has a positive expected return from playing, rather than the house. Playing reverse-edge games will require burning one GamePass NFT per play; the GamePass will be one of the key rewards airdropped to players by Tezos Cartel.

Along with reverse-edge game passes, players will be rewarded with SP-enabled NFTs that can be used to farm fees from SalsaDAO DApps.

SalsaDAO VIP Benefits

GP payouts have ended, but we are keeping the bankroll invest & divest fees. These fees will now be routed to SalsaDAO VIP Staking, similar to ArtDEX trading fees.

This brings new utility and earning potential for both $sDAO stakers and SP-enabled NFT holders. To support our VIPs, we are building a new VIP staking portal that will help users manage and claim their earnings.

Hosting Fee

To support the ongoing development and operation of the new Cartel Casino, we’ve added a small hosting fee. The hosting fee is essentially a minor tax on the house-edge. GC and TC will split this fee.

The fee only applies on house wins, so players will never pay the hosting fee.

The best casino on Tezos is coming back in force!

We are at the 90% completion mark and will be shipping to mainnet in just a few days. Follow Genius Contracts and Tezos Cartel on Twitter!