GC Summer Update 3 — Pilot Games

Genius Contracts
3 min readJun 28, 2021


Roulette and Slots added to the SalsaDAO Ecosystem!

sCAS-Roulette Shares

We’d like to officially introduce the 3rd Summer Update. The aim of this release is to help develop SalsaDAO Gaming by field-testing new games across the ecosystem. We’re releasing Roulette in the sCasino on salsadao.xyz right next to the classic sCasino Dice, and in the TacoShop we’re releasing two flavors of Slots to play, using $RSAL or $wTaco. Details below.


First piece of important info, Roulette is $GSAL-Exclusive for this initial release. Going forward the convention will be to field-test new games using $GSAL. Once ready, we will introduce the new game to the Omni-Bankroll and enable multi-FA2 betting.

Otherwise, the general architecture for Roulette mirrors sCasino Dice games. Roulette still includes a two-step process to complete, for maximum fairness. The game is American-style Roulette, meaning 0 and 00 are both present on the roulette wheel. Feel free to make bets, invest, and take profits! Don’t forget to grant permissions before you bet. Once you successfully make a bet, the games will show up directly in your Games table below. You can also use Batch Resolve across both types of games in the same transaction.

Next Steps: Bet Queue system for faster and more efficient betting. UI improvements overall.


This is a new style of game, which is why we decided to release it outside of the classic sCasino. You can find this game under Slots on tezostaco.shop.

Slots offers a faster experience, for maximum jackpot-chasing. This game is a one-step process: spin the wheel, wait and the house will resolve it automatically. The two Slots games offered are $RSAL Slots and $wTaco Slots. The jackpot currency for both is $sDAO.

$wTaco Slots are our high-roller offering, with up to 40k $sDAO jackpots!

The enforced bet amount for each Slots game is exactly 1% of the house bankroll. This restriction was implemented due to the explicitly random nature of the game.

Possible prizes are listed below:

  • Win 1x Bet (Get your bet back)
  • Win 2x Bet (Double your bet)
  • Win 5x Bet
  • Win 10x Bet
  • Win 1% of Jackpot Bankroll (Minor Jackpot)
  • Win 10% of Jackpot Bankroll (Major Jackpot)

The up-to-date jackpot values are displayed on the site.

Next Steps: Batch Spins, metrics and UI updates.

Try out the new games, hopefully you like the improvements. We’re always building and iterating, and your feedback is appreciated. Come to the Genius Contracts Discord and give us a shout in the #dapps channel to provide more focused feedback.

Where’s the link?

I’m going to provide you with a different link. This is a community surprise we’ve been working on in the shadows (with alot of help!), The Official SalsaDAO Wiki. We wanted to provide the community with a place to collaborate and share info about SalsaDAO. There is a sizable amount of information out there about SalsaDAO that’s scattered around and hard to find, so we thought trying a Wiki would be a good way to organize it.

From farming strategies to the legend of the Great Taco Wars, this Wiki will be a good home base for SalsaDAO documentation and history. Community participation is encouraged!

Thanks again for reading.