GC Update — 2021 Reflections

SalsaDAO Ecosystem



SpicyPro Automation

In the background, we’ve been work-shopping different designs on how to offer more trading options to users. Also, we’ve been designing ways to open up more of SpicySwap’s advanced features to developers. To accomplish this goal, we will be creating a suite of new tools on the SpicySwap interface, branded SpicyPro features. SpicyPro features will include products like arbitrage services, flash loans, and auto-swaps.


Matter DeFi


SalsaDAO Gaming Hall

Gaming Hall

Currently, in the Gaming Hall users can bet with any FA2 token, but we think this is too limiting. The plan is to release a v1.1 of the Gaming Hall contract and add FA1.2 functionality and native XTZ functionality via WTZ. We’re also planning to add more games to the SalsaDAO Gaming Hall early next year, including the release of slots.

Live Gaming and Blackjack

Our key innovation for 2022 in the Gaming space is to incorporate state channels into the gaming experience. Currently, the commit-reveal nature of the Gaming Hall can lead to a slow experience due to the nature of the blockchain. Our goal is to remedy this by offering a faster gaming experience, powered by state channels. State channel gaming helps scale blockchain-based games by moving a portion of the game logic off-chain, then settling accounts on-chain.


The humble Tezos Taco (2021)

The Millions


SalsaDAO Governance Token



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Genius Contracts

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