GC Update — DAO Governance

$sDAO is your access pass!

Proposal-Based Governance

In our past Twitter Spaces and articles, we’ve mentioned that SalsaDAO Governance will be multi-faceted. GC has already released Curve Voting, which is currently being used for the decentralized token list on SpicySwap. Users in the community have committed sDAO to push their favorite tokens up on the SpicySwap token list. We’re happy with the response we’ve seen with Curve Voting and will be pushing more long-term polls this year.

SalsaDAO Escrow Locker

The SalsaDAO Escrow Locker is a simple module where users can lock and release any amount of sDAO at any time. Using the Escrow Locker is required to participate in SalsaDAO’s proposal-based governance. A user’s Escrow Locker balance at voting start time will be their voting power in the DAO. We’ve added SalsaDAO Escrow to enable the same flash loan resistance that KolibriDAO benefits from.

Governance Parameters

We’d like to outline the initial parameters for our DAO, most of which are inspired by KolibriDAO’s launch. These parameters are flexible and subject to governance.



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