GC Update — Matter Live

Matter Core and Live make up Matter DeFi.


Matter Live is a tool that allows any user to create a yield farm for their own use. The creator locks a reward token, and a staking token is chosen for the farm. Once the farm activates, other users can visit Matter Live and stake their tokens to receive rewards. Matter Live provides the ability to customize parameters like farm length and rewards per second.

Liquidity Pool token staking.
Single-token staking.

Matter Live Fees

Matter Live Fee Curve

MTTR Bond Rebate Program

MTTR Bonds


When running a yield farm, attracting more users is always a key to success. On Matter Live, creators will be able to highlight their farm over the rest by participating in MTTR Tipping. Tipping a farm means burning some MTTR to push the farm up on the Matter interface. The initial MTTR Farm Fee automatically counts as a tip, and any user can tip any farm.



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