GC Update — sDAO Gaming Hall

New ways to play on SalsaDAO!

Hello friends, I’d like to begin with the latest on SpicySwap. We’ve locked in a deal on the code review, and now the next step is to wait for it to be completed. We’ll release more updates as we approach SpicySwap mainnet.

This week at GC, we’ve found some time to drop a Bonus Update, since we have some time before the SpicySwap release. On the SalsaDAO website you’ll find a new application, the SalsaDAO Gaming Hall. In this short update, we’ll be outlining new features in the sDAO Gaming Hall, looking back at the sCasino, and looking forward to what’s coming next to SalsaDAO.

The Gaming Hall is a major upgrade to the sCasino*. Going forward, the Gaming Hall will be the new base of SalsaDAO Gaming. The key feature added is the ability for us to add new games dynamically to the base contract. Over time we will add new games that will be instantly playable with any FA2 token. Bankrolls are still decentralized, and HouseBot will now switch to taking Gaming Hall games only. Since block time has been cut in half due to the Granada upgrade, the HouseBot has now been turned up to check twice as often.

The initial set of games users can now play with any FA2 token are Dice Classic, Dice Pro, and Roulette. Dice Classic is the same game as the original sCasino. Dice Pro uses a 12-sided die, and allows the user to choose specific sides to bet on. Roulette is the same game as before, with $GSAL-exclusivity removed. We hope you enjoy the games, and look forward to the addition of slots and card games to the Gaming Hall.

The original sCasino and Omni-Bankroll were the first real products that SalsaDAO put on mainnet, and we see it as a major success. Over the past 4 months we’ve served thousands of games, which was better than we could have predicted. The HouseBot and the overall bankroll system is now proven to be stable. Our goal now is to make the SalsaDAO gaming experience even better, by making more ways to play and breaking down barriers to entry.

One interesting feature of the sCasino bankroll architecture is bankroll returns. The return on investment for a bankroll is bounded to how much traffic that specific bankroll receives. During last month, users were heavily interested in using $SPI tokens in the casino, and at one point the bankroll returns were above 15% over two weeks. This shows the power of bankroll investing when there is major traffic. At the close of the sCasino, the $SPI bankroll had the largest total gains of any bankroll.

The sCasino* is now closed, and no new bets or new investments can be made. You may divest your tokens from any sCasino* bankrolls at anytime by using the Tools page on SalsaDAO.

With the release of the Gaming Hall, we’ll be turning our full attention to SpicySwap until we hit mainnet. The short-term focus will be on SpicySwap UI fixes and deeper documentation. After SpicySwap, development will pivot to SalsaDAO, and we’d like to give some details about what is coming next.

For SalsaDAO Gaming, we will be looking to add new games to the Gaming Hall and pilot our special new “Live” games on mainnet, which work differently than the normal house games. The first Live game on SalsaDAO will be Live Blackjack, where users can enter the room and play hands with other users at their discretion.

The aim of our new Live Blackjack will be to have an experience closer to a real life card table. While everyone tries to beat the dealer’s hand, users will be able to see the addresses and Tezos Domains of others at the table . The release of Live Blackjack will include the first iteration of card skins, so users can show off their personal style to others at the table. Further, the currency used for Live Blackjack will be decided by $sDAO holders. look forward to more info about our Live games after SpicySwap’s release.

SalsaDAO Governance will also be getting updates post-SpicySwap release. Our plan is to pilot our new “continuous governance” scheme using the SpicySwap community token list and Live Blackjack game currency as the first votes. Continuous governance is one part of overall SalsaDAO governance, created with an aim to let $sDAO holders have a say in ongoing decisions. The other part of SalsaDAO governance will be proposal-based governance. This is the classical style of DAO governance where proposals are submitted and voted on by $sDAO holders. For proposal-based governance, we will be researching solutions like Homebase to handle these votes.

Both of these styles of governance are needed for SalsaDAO, as there are different facets to the whole ecosystem that have different governance needs. We’re excited to get the SalsaDAO community involved.

One final note, we’ve taken the 3rd snapshot for $SPI airdrops, which required a balance of 30k $sDAO. Rewards will go out this week. The next and final airdrop snapshot will be taken the day of SpicySwap release, and will require a balance of 50k $sDAO to participate.

That’s it for this short update, enjoy the games! Use the SalsaDAO Wiki to find relevant information and links to our socials.


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