GC Update — Summer 2022

Genius Contracts
3 min readJul 9, 2022

Read about our next NFT drop and new major project!

Hello Geniuses, we are well into 2022 and at Genius Contracts, we’re coming up with big plans.

Over the past month we’ve had internal deliberations around the future of Genius Contracts, and a consensus has been formed. Our major focus for the next year will be building out SalsaDAO.io, the new home of everything GC.

The new SalsaDAO.io will be the unification of all SalsaDAO projects in one game-style interface. We will be working with professional design studios to get our vision built, the right way. The past year of deploying the base layer has given us the time and flexibility to create something beautiful and fun for the SalsaDAO community.

The last major key to SalsaDAO.io will be the new Land System. Users will be able to buy, build, and generate resources in the SalsaDAO game!

More information on SalsaDAO.io and the Land System will be released in the coming weeks. For now, we’d like to announce the next SalsaDAO NFT drop.

Keys & Crates

The next SalsaDAO NFT drop will mark our first foray into NFT fusion. Users will be able to purchase an sDAO Key and sDAO Crate, which will only be available in Unique rarity.

Keys and Crates are fusion-enabled, which means users will be able to unlock a new NFT by combining the two! The Keys & Crates drop will also be our first collaboration with an external artist, which has always been a goal for GC.

Both Key NFTs and Crate NFTs will be randomly generated with 3 colors each. When the two are fused, the resulting NFT will inherit the colors from each of its parent NFTs instead of being randomized.

If you don’t like the random color you received, you can easily pick up a Key or Crate on our marketplace!

Coins & Crowns

After performing NFT fusion, users can get an sDAO Coin or sDAO Crown. The breakdown for Coins & Crowns is below:

  • Coin (Unique, 6 colors): 1 Key + 1 Crate
  • Crown (Relic, 12 colors): 1 Key + 1 Crate + 1 Matter Atom

Combining a Key & Crate with a Unique Atom will result in an sDAO Crown. Crowns will be Relic-tier and have a major SP boost when used in royalty staking.

These post-fusion NFTs come with extra benefits for SalsaDAO.io, our upcoming project. Minting either a Coin or a Crown will automatically grant access to the exclusive Land Sale. More information on the format and pricing of the Land Sale will be released in the coming weeks.

Going further, sDAO Crown minters get an added benefit: a free piece of land in the new SalsaDAO.io!

As always, thanks for supporting our journey on Tezos. Things are about to heat up in the SalsaDAO ecosystem.

All eyes on SalsaDAO.io!