SpiceWorld: P̶l̶a̶y̶ Trade-to-Earn

Genius Contracts
3 min readMar 29, 2022

by FounderStar

At Genius Contracts — we pay close attention to all the emerging markets in the crypto space. NFTs are starting to showcase utility that goes far beyond the aesthetics of a viral PFP. Play-to-Earn (P2E) projects like Axie Infinity, STEPN, The Sandbox, and Dogami have all generated significant interest in their unique blockchain games that are rewarding users for gaming, fitness, and a variety of activities that require the users attention and engagement. This concept can be applied to almost every type of activity… why not one of the biggest activities in the crypto space? Trade-to-Earn (T2E) unlocks the ability to earn while trading, using a GameFi NFT that tracks users’ DEX volume.


SpicySwap is the perfect DEX to build this type of NFT project on. With features like limit orders, recipes, leverage trading, and API capabilities — SpicySwap offers traders the most advanced trading experience on the Tezos blockchain.

SpicySwap provides trader friendly features like Limit Orders, Recipes, Dashboards and Advanced Analytics
SpicySwap provides trader friendly features like Limit Orders, Recipes, Dashboards and Advanced Analytics


A first of its kind Trade-to-Earn game— SpiceWorld rewards traders for using SpicySwap.

SpiceWorld will have no whitelist, presale, or centrally organized minting process. In order to mint a pepper users will have to collect ingredients. These ingredients are airdropped to any user that trades above certain thresholds on SpicySwap.

Once a user acquires all three ingredients they can mint a pepper on SpicySwap. Peppers come in unique types, rarities, and traits. Any trading volume a player generates with their pepper equipped earns them VP — the games point system which forever gets captured on the NFT’s attributes.

Traders will have various components to the game they’ll have to manage. Peppers will have a health bar that degrades over time and has to be healed to continue collecting VP. As peppers gain VP, levels will be unlocked. Leveling a pepper will raise a pepper’s stats that help you earn more per trade and make your health bar degrade slower. All these interactions will cost the trader fees in either SPI or XTZ.

Peppers will also have unique trait slots players can equip SpiceWorld Gems. These gems have a specific pair associated with them that gives the pepper an extra multiplier boost when trading that specific pair.

As players use SpiceWorld the weekly harvest grows. The game will feature a weekly Spice Harvest — a reward pool distributed to all players based on their percent in the weekly volume total for the game. If a traders pepper earned 5% of the total volume for that given week— that user gets rewarded 5% of the harvest. Once the rewards get distributed the next harvest begins.

The harvest accrues through all the spend mechanisms in the game: Healing, Leveling, Mint fee, Trait Unlock, and more!

We’ll be releasing constant updates as SpiceWorld progresses development and stay tuned for some exciting community engagements/partnerships. The next drop will outline the rules of SpiceWorld!

Users can now begin to accumulate SpicySwap volume to be able to acquire their pepper ingredients.

Happy trading — get ready for Trade-to-Earn.