Taco Market — a Tezos DeFi Proof of Concept

It started with Bitcoin…

Continued with Ethereum…

Finalized with Tezos…

NFT (0) — Tezos Taco

First Randomly Generated NFTs on Tezos

Normal, Rare, Hidden, and Secret

Utility Token (1) — Red Salsa $rSAL

Governance Token (2) — Salsa DAO $sDAO

Technology Roadmap

Community Airdrops — GC Trophies

Tezos Casino

  • No-limit open betting for you high rollers, make or take!
  • Alternatively, bet against the house for a faster experience
  • House bankroll staking. 100% of house edge goes back to stakers
  • Bet liquidation for stale games
  • General test of RNG solutions (commit/reveal)




Evolving Smart Contracts through Tezos

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Genius Contracts

Genius Contracts

Evolving Smart Contracts through Tezos

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