Tacos 2.0

4 min readMar 29, 2024


We’re bringing ‘21 back.

Spring is coming. Sentiment is rising. OGs are returning.

We don’t want to jinx it, but it feels like 2021 again. We want to capture that feeling. So, we’re hosting a celebration of our own history on Tezos.

Tacos 2.0 is next. Let’s dive in.


The history of the tezostaco.shop project is one filled with deep lore of the Tezos ecosystem. Back when your favorite Tezos founders were still in the trenches, trading new tokens in first era of DeFi on Tezos, a new project emerged from the shadows.

Yep, that’s me.

Before Genius Contracts, SpicySwap, Matter, ArtDEX, Tezos Cartel, and everything else, there was just Jabba. The tzTacos event was my first ever DApp and launch on mainnet.

My goal was simple, create a new type of NFT with onchain metadata, and mint them infinitely to anyone who cared. The response was overwhelming, and I was hooked on Tezos development.

The demand for tzTacosV1 led to tzTacosV2, which still has 20k XTZ locked in a contract (that I will someday get back with an onchain proposal). The success was a spark; I then went on a 3 day hackathon to develop and deploy sDAO/RSAL and the first yield farms on Tezos.

The combination of yield farms, new tokens, and tzTacosV3 created a feverish surge of degenerate activity only exceeded by the rise of HEN. After tens of thousands of taco NFTs minted, the party finally ended, and the 3+ year journey of Genius Contracts truly began.


Tacos 2.0 is a celebration. We can feel the recent energy surging back into the Tezos ecosystem, and we want to contribute. Further, there were some missed opportunities with the original tokenomics of the tzTacos event that we can improve on.

The essence of the Tacos meta-game will not change. This is a PvP market, meaning that you are competing with other degens for your rewards.

Please understand this before playing. It sounds scary but the buy-in costs will be low, so you’ll be able to join and interact with low risks.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

The core facets of the Tacos 2.0 PvP game are Minting and Farming. Mint Tacos and you’ll be able to pair your them with XTZ and provide LP in ArtDEX Earn to receive rewards.

This pathing is similar to the tzTaco > RSAL LP farming path in the original tzTacos project. This time around we will be using the NFT LP farming system on ArtDEX, so there is no need for an extra intermediate token.

Just like the original, the price of Taco NFTs will start at very small number and increase after every purchase.

The other facet to this PvP market is that some users can choose to play by buying Taco NFTs and selling them into the LP on ArtDEX. This is expected, and should be understood by players before playing.


We are going to sponsor a pot of rewards for players.

The initial farm on ArtDEX will be loaded with 500 WTZ, emitted over 1 month. Once the primary farm completes, we will load up a 3 month farm with 500 SP Crystals.

Bonus for Taco holders.

Again, this is a PvP market where other users can sell into the liquidity on ArtDEX. This means there will be Taco NFT bagholders at the end of all the farming, and we want to make sure they are taken care of.

Once all farms end, we will apply 1000 SP across all existing Taco 2.0 NFTs. This ensures that holders get rewarded, in addition to short-term farmers and PvP sellers.

Ex: If there are 10000 Tacos, each would gain 0.1 SP.

A New Look

We want to touch on an important organizational update.

One of our close contacts recently started up a small graphic design group, and we’ve been in the background trying to get them to help out GeniusTeam with our various projects.

We’re proud to announce that this new team will be joining GT as a partner, with Tacos 2.0 being the first project they’re helping on. We’re excited to build an updated Tacos game with their help.

Tacos are back and tastier than ever 🌮️

Keep following, and stay tuned for updates. Thanks for all the support!