GC Update — ArtDEX Beta

From NFTDEX to ArtDEX. New name, fewer syllables.

ArtDEX Interface Update

We’ve been in the lab focusing on UI/UX, with the aim of delivering an experience up to the current level that sudoswap offers. To this end, we’ve successfully implemented new interface functionality in the ArtDEX Beta.

Optimized Buy

Buy Tab

Optimized Sell

Sell Tab


(Upcoming) Collection Offers & Sweeps

These are shortcut features that will be offered on ArtDEX. With one click, users will be able to sweep the cheapest NFTs in a collection or make a collection-wide offer.

(Upcoming) Pool Management

Future ArtDEX releases will allow users to fine-tune their pools for maximum customization. Users will be able to deposit new assets, withdraw locked assets, and change pricing parameters freely.

(Upcoming) Omni-Search

We will create an ecosystem-wide search that helps users discover and trade NFTs from any marketplace on Tezos.

ArtDEX Fee Structure

Today, we’d like to shed some light on fee structures and incentives for ArtDEX.

Special Launch Event

Pool Fees

Fundraiser NFTs

Geniuses, we believe that ArtDEX is an important project to release on Tezos. The innovation of pool-based NFT marketplaces is an important step for the NFT space. We want to get this project right, so we will be securing a full smart contract audit before releasing this project, similar to SpicySwap launch.

sDAO Timepieces
Red & Green Salsa



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