GC Update — ArtDEX Mainnet

5 min readNov 21, 2022


We’re preparing for ArtDEX release!

If you haven’t heard of ArtDEX, read our previous article first!

Hello Geniuses, SalsaGods, TacoChads! Today we’re excited to release the final beta update for ArtDEX, our upcoming NFT exchange.

The ArtDEX audit is currently in progress, so we are officially on the path to mainnet. Let’s dive into the last ArtDEX development update before release.

Ready to go? Test now @ ArtDEX Beta 🎨

Interface Upgrades

We’ve been in the lab building out the ArtDEX UI, and with this release we’re a step closer to delivering the final ArtDEX product.

These new features build on the previous beta upgrade, where we added Optimized Buy & Sell, new test NFTs, and a new transaction cart.

Let’s step through the features added in this upgrade.


XTZ + WTZ = ❤

The ArtDEX protocol works using pools that lock and hold assets for trading. This architecture introduces complexity when supporting XTZ, due to Tezos’ baking features.

Similar to SpicySwap, we’ve decided not to support XTZ at the protocol level. We will initially be using WTZ as the main token in ArtDEX pools, again similar to SpicySwap.

While ArtDEX uses WTZ under the hood, the user interface will use the standard XTZ token across the entire website.

All WTZ wrapping and unwrapping will be handled automatically, with no user action necessary.

If you’re interested in WTZ and why we use it for both SpicySwap and ArtDEX, check out this article by Crunchy Network 🌮.

New Shortcuts

Trade Faster on ArtDEX!

One of the main features of the ArtDEX protocol is it’s flexibility. Users will be able to make complex orders faster with ArtDEX.

In this upgrade, we’ve added shortcuts that make the most popular actions easier to execute.



Sweep Mode, or QuickSweep, is a shortcut that allows users to quickly purchase the cheapest items from a specific collection. All the user needs to do is move the slider and the interface will handle the rest.

Collection Offer

Collection Offer

The Collection Offer shortcut allows users to quickly post an offer for any items from a specific collection. Users can choose their price and number of items. This shortcut creates a pool that can be managed.

List Your NFTs

List NFTs

The List NFTs shortcut allows users to quickly list their NFTs for a specific collection. Users can pick the sale price and optionally configure a Price Delta for a dynamic price.

Pool Management

Pool Summary

We’ve added a new summary view for pools in a collection.

Click or tap on a pool to enter the new pool details page.

Pool Details

Within pool details, users can manage assets held within a pool. Deposit and withdraw for both NFTs and XTZ is supported.

Users may also directly interact with your pool from this page. Direct purchase and direct sell are active.

Upcoming Features

As previously mentioned, this will be the last beta upgrade for ArtDEX. This does not mean we’re finished working on the interface.

At this point, we are starting the process to integrate all the new features into the production SalsaDAO website.

Here’s a quick list of what is coming upon mainnet release:


We’re excited to announce that ArtDEX collection search will use Rarible’s open source indexer & protocol to deliver a first-class search experience.

We will be supporting NFT collections from all major Tezos NFT marketplaces and projects like Objkt, Teia, & fxhash.

Exponential Bonding Curve

We will be adding the Exponential curve upon mainnet release.

With this curve, users will set a percentage to increase or decrease the price rather than a set amount.


Historical data and deeper analytics will be available on ArtDEX mainnet.

We will be providing a setup similar to SpicySwap, with visuals, tables, and a public API.

The Path to Mainnet

That’s all for the development update, let’s go over what’s coming to SalsaDAO in the short-term future.

Physical Merch Auctions

Red Salsa Bottles 🌶️

We still haven’t hit our funding goal for the ArtDEX audit, so we’ll be releasing a new NFT collection to help us reach it.

The Red & Green Salsa Bottle collection will be our first foray into physical merchandise. Minting a Salsa Bottle NFT will give you the right to receive a physical sauce bottle with unique label!

This drop will require extra legwork on our side to make it possible. Specifically, we need to know exactly how many sauce bottles to order before we get started with the whole process.

For these reasons, minters will receive a Merch Pass along with their Salsa NFT. This Merch Pass will be used in the future to get the physical goods. Purchased NFTs will still be delivered and available to stake instantly.

💎 SalsaDAO.io Land Owners: you get 1 free limited edition Salsa Bottle!

Stay tuned for more info!

Community Outreach

As we approach mainnet release for ArtDEX, we will be ramping up educational outreach regarding all of the new utility that ArtDEX offers.

We’re entering a new industry sector with this NFT exchange, and we are prepared to support new users’ first exposure to both ArtDEX and SalsaDAO.

Twitter will be our main channel for ArtDEX rollout.

We hope you all are as excited as we are for ArtDEX!

Try out the ArtDEX Beta, follow us on Twitter, and join the conversation on our Discord!

As always, thanks for the support.